Posted on by Jaye Liang

Did you get eyelash extensions and are absolutely loving it?

But do you know how to properly care for them?

Well, for starters, make a habit of washing your eyelash extensions daily because it will help the longevity of your extensions. The purpose of eyelashes is to protect your eyes by catching dirt and debris so naturally, they get dirty and require daily cleaning. A buildup of dirt on your lash line can cause allergies and you can even develop lash mites.

When extensions are left unclean for too long, they become prone to bacterial infections which can cause inflammation of the eyelids. This condition is commonly known as Blepharitis. Symptoms usually include swollen, burning, reddening and itchy eyelids. It may take as long as four to six week for your eyelids to properly heal. You will probably require a course of antibiotic ointments, eye drops or cream.

A surefire way to avoid this is to wash your extensions EVERY DAY. Let’s have a look at how you can easily wash your eyelashes.

Use Foaming Cleansers

A wide variety of foaming cleansers is readily available in the market. They are specifically developed for washing extension lashes and help in preventing buildup and bacteria. Usually, these cleansers can also double duty as a face wash or makeup remover. 

These ready-to-use foaming cleansers are really easy to use. Simply apply a small amount on your lash and gently scrub and brush with an applicator, rinse thoroughly and… VOILA! You just washed your eyelash extension in less than 5 minutes! Do not forget to use a mini fan to dry your lashes before heading out!

Stop using the foaming cleanser immediately if you feel irritation and contact your physician if the discomfort persists. 

Avoid the hassle of health issues that comes with unclean eyelashes. We recommend using a good quality foaming cleanser to keep your lashes clean because clean eyelashes are healthy eyelashes!