Posted on by Jaye Liang

Getting eyelash extensions is the latest trend that has swept over the beauty industry! Everyone is falling in love with it and we are drooling over the prospect of having thick, long and beautiful lashes within minutes. Women are going crazy over eyelash extensions because it can do wonders for your eyes! Say hello to big, flirty eyes with minimal effort. 

Let’s have a look at the basic extension application techniques to understand the type of extension that will work best for you.

Classic Extensions - Light and Natural

In this technique, a single extension lash is glued to one natural lash. This means, classic extensions will double the number of lashes you naturally have. It is perfect for you if you are looking for a slight and simple eyelash enhancement. 

Classic lashes are usually suitable for women who naturally have a good amount of healthy lashes with few gaps in between their lashes. If you already have voluminous lashes but want to add more length to it, then go for a classic extension. 

Classic lashes come in a variety of thickness and lengths so do not forget to discuss the details with your application specialist. 

Volume Extensions – The Russian Volume

Volume extension is an advanced technique that involves the application of multiple super-light extensions to a single natural lash to achieve lustrous sweeps. This Russian technique really has the wow-factor! Volume extensions are fuller than classic extensions. They give you a beautifully enchanting set of lashes.

They are perfect for clients who have naturally thin lashes or visible gaps in their lash lines. They are also a great option for clients who simply wish to have a more glamorous look.

So, when are you getting an appointment for your eyelash extensions?