Posted on by Jaye Liang

“Yes, they’re real!”

… Is what your clients will be able to say once you finish their A’Purabelle Keratin Lash. It’s truly amazing what this procedure can do for lashes without adding false lashes. Your clients will be astounded at the results you achieve in making their eyes pop, brightening their smile, and setting them apart from the rest of the crowd. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you counsel your clients about the procedure. These tips will help prevent the risk of sensitivities that may otherwise occur if advice is not headed.

Tip #1 – Using growth serums on your lashes? Have lash extensions in? Hold up!

For clients who have been using growth serums or lash extensions, it’s important to put some time in between these two procedures and the lash lift procedure. 

First off, growth serums make the lash line ultra-sensitive as a result of their stimulation of blood flow. Clients should not use growth serums 24 to 48 hours prior to a lash lift. 

Next, extensions have special adhesive on them that can react in a negative way with the adhesive used in the lash lift procedure. For this reason, lash extensions also need to be removed 24 to 48 hours prior to a lash lift. 

Tip #2 – Cleanse with the right cleanser. 

Let your clients know that they should only cleanse their faces and eye area with A’Purabelle 3-in-One Purifying Foaming Cleaner. This cleanser was formulated especially for use with A’Purabelle products, including the keratin lash lift and lash extensions. Other cleansers and soaps will invariably leave a residue that can negatively react with the lash lift adhesive and cause problems.

Tip #3 – Don’t rub!

When cleansing the face or removing waterproof mascara, many clients have a tendency to rub their eyes — sometimes rather vigorously. Let your clients know that this should be avoided. It’s possible this excessive rubbing may cause major sensitivity as the action can produce micro cracks within the lash line.

Tip #4 – Tightening feeling during the procedure? Don’t fret!

Lastly, tell your clients that if they feel a tightening sensation at the moment the rod and lash adhesive are adhered to the lash line during the lash lift procedure, this is perfectly normal. This is simply the effect of the adhesive product actively working to lift and hold each lash in a permanent uplifted position.