A'Purabelle is an international company providing years of dedicated service, delivering the highest quality products of Eyelash and skin care products! As a “Business Partner For Your Success” A’Purabelle has put together a training course complete with advanced training in helping businesses and professionals to develop more efficiently worldwide. 
Our Mission at A'Purabelle is to empower lash professionals to build their own brand and business. We provide top quality products and training to give our clients everything they need to succeed. Made without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and latex, A'Purabelle products are some of the safest, and highest quality products available on the market. Our training is comprehensive. We teach the safest, most effective way to apply and care for semi-permanent eyelash extensions and keratin eyelash lift so clients leave happy, and stay happy knowing their gorgeous new look will be a lasting, healthy one. And most importantly, we teach our customers how to educate and empower their clients to care for their beautiful new lashes.

Our founder Jaye’s foray into the glamorous world of lashes began in 2010 when she realized how powerful lashes can be in creating lasting transformation. Wanting to introduce the latest lash technology to other salon professionals while providing the best possible experience for her clients, Jaye set out to create her own line of lash products. Crafted using the latest and safest techniques, A'Purabelle products are the byproduct of years of training and practical experience. Jaye’s opened her first salon, A’Purabelle, in 2011, with a vision of providing world-class lash services and training for other lash professionals in the community. Now, she’s offering her lash products and training workshops internationally. Jaye is an active member of the lash community, sharing her insights and learning from other beauty professionals around the globe. "One of the things I love most about the lash industry is that artists support one another. Collectively, we're always striving to raise the bar for our clients to provide the best lash extension products, services, and training.”